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Headteacher's most recent letter 15/March


Monday 20/03/23

Tuesday 21/02/23

  • ALN Gymnastics finals at Y Bala
  • Urdd Dance Festival at Ysgol Bro Teifi - see programme


Wednesday 22/03/23

  • Year 3 climb Pen Dinas Hillfort
  • No Urdd Club this half term. The club will reopen in the Summer term.
  • Cân Actol rehearsal


Thursday 23/03/23

  • Football training for yrs.5&6 boys and girls 3:30 - 4:30pm


Friday 24/03/23

  • Orchestra rehearsal 8:50am
  • Welsh Spelling Groups
  • 2:45 'Chwarter i Dri' podcast - an opportunity for the Pupils' Committees to share information with the rest of the school


Saturday 25/03/23


A booklet by the Welsh Support Group



Lunchtime menu

20th - 24th of March 2023

Monday 20/03/23

LUNCH: Minced beef in a tomato sauce, pasta, garlic bread, peas and sweetcorn
PUDDING: Chocolate cookie and milk


Tuesday 21/03/23

LUNCH: Pizza, chips, vegetable sticks and coleslaw
PUDDING: Rice pudding


Wednesday 22/03/23

LUNCH: Sausages, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, broccoli and gravy
PUDDING: Jelly and cream


Thursday 23/03/23

LUNCH: Fish fingers, potatoes, baked beans and vegetable sticks
PUDDING: Eve's pudding and custard

Friday 24/03/23

LUNCH: Chicken curry, rice, naan bread and mixed vegetables
PUDDING: Apple muffin and juice


27th - 31st of March 2023

Monday 27/03/23

LUNCH: Menu to follow
PUDDING: Menu to follow


Tuesday 28/03/23

LUNCH: Menu to follow
PUDDING: Menu to follow


Wednesday 29/03/23

LUNCH: Menu to follow
PUDDING: Menu to follow


Thursday 30/03/23

LUNCH: Menu to follow
PUDDING: Menu to follow

Friday 31/03/23 - I.N.S.E.T

LUNCH: School closed
PUDDING: School closed



* It is possible the menu will need to change occasionally due to reasons beyond the control of the kitchen staff. We hope these occasions will be rare.


Paying for school meals

The cost of school meals is £2.60 per day


The school is using ParentPay to receive payments for school dinners. Parents and Guardians will have received an e-mail with details for signing up to ParentPay. Please contact the school for more information.